An introduction to the sport of tennis |

Tennis is a sport that can be played on any kind of surface by millions of people around the world. Designed in England in the early 1870s, the sport developed over time while being practiced originally with bare hands. The racket came into existence in the 16th century and the name TENNIS which was originated from the FRENCH word "TENEZ" after the introduction of the special scoring system (15,30,40, game).


Sri Lanka tennis is represented by SLTA (Sri Lanka Tennis Association) on both the International and Asian tennis federations. The prime motto of the association is to promote tennis in all parts of the island as a professional sport and to produce top tennis players from Sri Lanka. The association was founded back in 1915's when a few planters and tennis enthusiasts met together to form the Ceylon Lawn Tennis Association and the sport grew drastically to one of the fastest growing sport on the island.